My Research

Constraint-Handling in Genetic Algorithm (2016)
Presented a constraint-handling for genetic algorithms solely using the violation factor, called VCH (Violation Constraint-Handling) method.

Wind Turbine Multiobjective Optimization (2016)
Presented the fundamental principles of multi-objective optimization in wind turbine design and solved a classic multi-objective optimization problem using a genetic algorithm.

Wind Turbine Performance Optimization (2015)
A review of the optimization techniques and strategies applied to wind turbine performance optimization. the topic is addressed by identifying the most significant objectives, targets and issues, as well as the optimization formulations, schemes and models available in the published literature.

Wind Turbine Optimization (2014)
Preliminary wind turbine blade optimization tool, which offers an accelerated design phase by providing a structural analysis of the composite layups and study their effects in both static and fatigue failure modes. 

A coupled finite-element method (FEM) - blade element momentum (BEM) to investigate the potentials of 2D and 3D composite textiles in wind turbine blades.

Real Time Simulation of a Photovoltaic System with MPPT (2012)
An experimental stand for the study of a power electronics control system to locate and track the maximum power point of a PV array system.

Wind Turbine Yaw Control (2012)
Yaw control of a small scale wind turbine using a brushed DC motor with LabView interfacing and NI hardware. Also completed the design of a wind turbine sensor using solely thermocouples. 


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