About Me

Adam Chehouri   

PhD Student in Engineering - Junior Engineer

BSc./MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) 


Junior engineer at the renewable energy department of HATCH Ltd. Montreal, Canada. Currently finishing my PhD thesis on the “Optimization of the Composite Structures of Wind Turbine Blades Using a Genetic Algorithm”. My professional experiences are in: wind energy, optimizations, mechanical engineering, and aviation.


    PhD in Engineering, January 2014 - Present  
    Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)  
    Directors: Rafic Younes (LU), Jean Perron (UQAC), Adrian Ilinca (UQAR) 

                 MS in Mechanical Engineering, 2008 - 2013          
                  Lebanese University, EDST, Master 3M: (Class Rank: 1st)        
                  Advisor: Rafic Younes (LU     

                  BSc in Mechanical Engineering, 2012 - 2013             
                  Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, 3rd Branch: (Level A mention)


Chehouri, A., Younes, R., Perron, J., Ilinca, A., A Constraint-Handling Technique for Genetic Algorithms using a Violation Factor, Journal of Computer Science, Volume 12, Issue 7, 2016  

Chehouri, A., Younes, R., Ilinca, A., Perron, J.,  Wind Turbine Design: Multi‐Objective Optimization, Wind Turbines - Design, Control and Applications, Chap. 6, pp 121-148, In Tech, 2016  

Chehouri, A., Younes, R., Ilinca, A., Perron, J., Review of performance optimization techniques applied to wind turbines, Applied Energy, 142, 361-388, 2015  [Citations 58]

Chehouri, A., Younes, R., Ilinca, A., Perron, J., Lakiss, H., Optimal Design for a Composite Wind Turbine Blade with Fatigue and Failure Constraints, CSME Transaction Journal, EIC 3677, Volume 39, No. 2, 171-186, 2015  [Citations 1]

Chehouri, A., Ghandour, M., Livinti, P., A Real Time Simulation of a Photovoltaic System with Maximum Power Point Tracking, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Industrial Power Engineering, Bacau, Romania, 2014  
Chehouri, A., Younes, R., Ilinca, A., Advances in Composite Wind Turbines Blades: A Comparative Study. Anchor Academic Publishing, 2014  [Citations 2]


Junior Engineer  HATCH Ltd. - Montreal, QC, Canada  (May 2017 - Present) 
Junior engineer with the department of renewable energy at HATCH Ltd.

PhD Student  UQAC - Chicoutimi, QC, Canada  (October 2013 - Present) 
My thesis: Optimization of the Composite Structures of Wind Turbine Blades under the supervision of Dr Rafic Younes (LU), Dr Adrian Ilinca (UQAR) and Dr Jean Perron (UQAC).

Research Assistant  LIMA & AMIL - Chicoutimi, QC, Canada  (March 2014 - August 2014) 

Assisted in the development of the control system for the wind tunnel and cold chamber at the LIMA & AMIL laboratory using real-time acquisition with NI hardware and LabView interfacing.   

Research Internship  TechnoCentre Éolien - Gaspé, QC, Canada  (May 2013 - June 2013)

Conducted a two-month research internship at the TechnoCentre Éolien in the partial fulfillment of my Master's degree

Research Internship  Universitatea "Vasile Alecsandri" Bacău  - Bacau, Romania (Sept. 2012)

A research fellowship funded by the AUF Agency to assemble an MPPT algorithm for a solar panel. 

Engineering Internship  National Instruments  Beirut, Lebanon  (Summer 2012)

Completed the Yaw Control of a HAWT using NI hardware and LabView interfacing. Designed a low cost and reliable wind direction sensor using solely thermocouples. 

Engineering Internship  MEGreen, Beirut, Lebanon  (Summer 2012)

A preliminary wind site study for the installation of 100 and 150 KW wind turbines in the Bekaa region.

VAWT Modelling  Lebanon  (Summer 2011) 

An aerodynamic study, numerical computation, modeling and installation of a vertical axis wind turbine.

Teaching Assistant  UQAC - Chicoutimi, QC, Canada  (January 2016- April 2016) 
Course 8MAP110 (calcul avancé I) at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. 


Languages – English, French and Arabic (all three fluent in speaking, reading and writing).

Softwares – Proficient in MATLAB, LabVIEW, ANSYS.


Bourses de la Fondation de l'UQAC 2016-2017: Masoud Farzaheh – (March 2017): Excellence award scholarship for academic achievements.

Bourses du Fonds de développement de l'UQAC, Excellence cycles supérieurs : Fondation J. Armand Bombardier – (Jul. 2016): Excellence award scholarship for academic achievements.

Research Scholarship – (Sep. 2014 - Sep. 2016): Academic scholarship from the LREE

Bourse de l'Université Libanaise – (Sep. 2013 - Jan. 2016): Honorable graduate studies grant.

Research Scholarship – (Sep. 2013 - Jan. 2016): Academic scholarship from the MMC Team (UL). 

Internship Scholarship – (May 2013 - Jun. 2013): Research internship at the TechnoCentre Éolien.

Research Fellowship – (Sep. 2012): Research fellowship at the Universitatea "Vasile Alecsandri" Bacău'.

Undergraduate Student Grant – (Sep. 2008 - Jun. 2013): Academic grant at the Faculty of Eng. Lebanese University.

National Finalist at 'Présenter Ma These en 180 Secondes'  – (May 2016): The competition regrouped all of the Canadian university finalists to present their doctoral thesis in 180 seconds.

Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et Technologie (FRQNT) – (May 2015 - Dec. 2016): B2 program (Energy).

MAGE-UQAC Conciliation Excellence – (May 2015): Award for internal & external volunteer involvement.

Research Scholarship – (Jan. 2014 - Jun. 2017): Academic scholarship from AMIL



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