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I started this blog in February 2014, to reflect on some of the events during the preparation of my Phd thesis. So why start a blog ?

By the end of 2013, and as I entered a new year, like many who reflect on their past year, I had my annual review. Family, love, relationships, regrets, mistakes, honours, friendships, distances, future, questions, doubts, faith, regrets once again ... As the year came to an end, I was able to assemble one fact, one reality, one answer; that change took place. However, what troubled me the most was the fact that these... let's call them events, were not properly archived... I frequently reflected to the remaining sounds and images either at night or at moments of pause... but they eventually degraded with time and space. That had to change.

In this annual review, a long December night, I sorted out a short list of adjustments that were needed to be done. Forward a few months later, I moved to Chicoutimi, a small city in Quebec Canada to begin my doctoral studies in Engineering. With a laptop, bag pack and my luggage, I arrived, I was determined and I was ready. I contemplated on what will I be doing... accomplished by this day, hour, minute and this second the following year. Stumbling back to that December night... where do I see myself in the future... my answer will simply be, where I need to be, because change is what got me here and is what will guide me forward.

I needed a tool, a different platform away from the check-ins, likes and shares that I can use to share, communicate, discuss meaningful events or issues. I had to make a change, and this blog shall be one.

Adam Chehouri 


  1. We, humans, at least the qualitative part which is left of that concept, are supposed to perpetually change, infinitely try to revolutionize. As a matter of fact, some people move forward, the others backwards. (I do not appreciate the bad/good rating system). Adam, i support you, intellectually, to keep redefining your position in this world of competition, of everlasting danger which is supposed to be a self-stimulation, an occasion to do and aim for what is forward, unleashing our capabilities to discover and invent what is kept hidden. This blog is indeed a nice idea. I support you and look forward for more intellectual channels of communication.

    1. How am I supposed to reply to that :) ?
      Rightfully said brother Saad. In fact, when we get trapped in some of today's trends we miss out many occasions. Mainly, I consider that we will miss out the chance to discover ourselves. Writing was always one of my fears, mainly because a rating system imposed by some party was always grading your work... I felt trapped by modern laws.. so I hope this blog will serve in this purpose, allow me to explore and discover my capabilities :)

  2. Hello Adam,
    Congratulations for starting a new Blog ...
    I am looking forward to read your articles and some updates about your activities and interests.
    Great Job and Best Wishes with your Phd. preparation !

    1. Alaa, thank you very much for you comment and support. I hope that you continuously give me your feedback about the blog, it is very much appreciated. Best of luck my friend :)

  3. Hey Adam,
    Very good step my brother! I support you and wishing you all the success!

    1. Ibrahim,
      thank you for your thoughts and support, it is highly appreciated. In fact, the idea is more a personal change and desire, I hope it will serve others as much as it should serve me, a lot of work ahead of me but I am excited of making something profitable from it. Enjoy your stay in Lebanon my brother :)

  4. Respected Sir,

    I wish you all the best.


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