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Research Paper: A Constraint-Handling Technique for Genetic Algorithms using a Violation Factor

I am very excited to share my first publication in computational intelligence. I began working on the constraint-handling technique in the month of February 2015, as I was trying to find a way to introduce the wind turbine design constraints into my optimization algorithm. Inspired the motif of preserving the core notions of evolution in genetic algorithm by refusing to add a penalty function to the fitness function, I proposed my constraint-handling technique named VCH (Violation Constraint-Handling). 

Book Chapter: Wind Turbine Design: Multi‐Objective Optimization

Authors Adam Chehouri, Rafic Younes, Adrian Ilinca, Jean Perron
Abstract Within the last 20 years, wind turbines have reached matured and the growing worldwide wind energy market will allow further improvements. In the recent decades, the numbers of research papers that have applied optimization techniques in the attempt to obtain an optimal design have increased. The main target of manufacturers has been to minimize the cost of energy of wind turbines in order to compete with fossil‐fuel sources. Therefore, it has been argued that it is more stimulating to evaluate