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Optimization Problem Solved by a Genetic Algorithm - Wifi Antenna

Suppose you run a small business in your town, let's call your town Smallville, and no unfortunately Clark Kent is absent in this story. Two years ago they found black gold, yes oil and gas, and our countryside town is emerging and growing at an exponential rate. They have expanded the local clinic into a hospital, constructed an elementary school 15 miles north west of the library, the grand opening of the 4 star hotel is set to be in a month and finally the keys for 50 more residential houses are expected to be handed to the owners by the end of the year. If your business is to provide Internet to the locals, you have no choice but to expand your services in order to adapt with the increasing demands. 
On a Monday morning you sit back behind the desktop of your office, a couple of Google searches and a few emails later you order a new top of the class antenna that can provide 10 times more data than your current installation. Ten business days later, your brand new X3100 arrive…