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Conference CITEF 2014 - Lebanese University, Lebanon

As a PhD student I try my best to surround myself with other researchers, experts and pioneers and when I am notified of a conference nearby, I try my best to find space in my calendar to attend. Now some might debate that the content of some lectures are outside their expertise and so their presence is of no use, but one cannot deny that science is converging towards multi-disciplinary at a high speed and in a direct or indirect way, your research will reach and become tangent with other fields we might today believe are distant but the future will most likely proof otherwise.
Held at the Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese University in Hadat, Beirut from the 16 till the 18 of October 2014, CITEF 2014 (Conference International des Formations d'Ingenieurs et de Techniciens) examined the subject of international cooperation for teaching and engineering research. One can only congratulate and appreciate the work of Dean Rafic Younes (Lebanese University, Lebanon) for making the …