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Where Shall We Begin? Dr Ali Shariati - An Overview

Where shall we begin? An ethical question that Dr Ali Shariati tries to provide an answer in seven parts. A close friend of mine introduced me to Dr Ali Shariati's philosophy after I had noticed the amount of shares and likes his Facebook page receives. Although he died in 1977, his sociology on religion and discussions are today examined by scholars and are unfortunately valued more than 20 years after his death. Upon listening of Sayed Ammar Nakshawani's lecture on Shariati famous work Fatima is Fatima, I decided that it is important that I enter the knowledge of Ali Shariati.
Where shall we begin? A title that captivated me and by the end of the first part I realized why Dr Ali Shariati is considered one of the most influential Iranian intellectuals of the 20th century. I invite you to read this book on the following links either read it online or download it from Google Play Books.

Juggling Between Two Nationalities...Easier Said Than Done: Part One - A Personal Confession

I am often asked the question, actually often is an understatement, rather frequently prompted to answer the following question: Where Are You From?
Born in Montreal, raised for 6 years in Canada, moved to Lebanon in 1996 only to move back in 2000 to Canada (Montreal and Windsor back and forth), returned to Lebanon in 2005, by then I was in my 9th grade and in the summer of 2006, moved back to Canada (this time Ottawa) only to return again in 2007 to complete my senior year in Lebanon. Graduated from the faculty of engineering in 2013 and now completing my PhD in Chicoutimi, Quebec.
Put yourself in my position, what would you answer if someone asked you where are you from ? 

Overview of Citation Softwares: Managing your References

Let's face it, writing a research paper is not a simple task to say the least and surely we can agree managing your references and citations is time consuming if you don't use a citation software. I found this post on MIT Libraries that compares three of the most used reference managers: EndNote, Zotero and Mendeleythat is worth sharing.
Currently I am using EndNote, and honestly I don't have any experience with any other reference manager software. Personally I cannot but say that I feel very comfortable using EndNote because it always me to synchronize my references between my Home and Work computers threw my EndNote account. But what I find the most useful is the ability to auto-attach my pdf files to its reference by simply importing them to my EndNote from Google Scholar for example. It can be very troubling to sort your files into categories, rename each file and pdf and yes, accessing that article you downloaded last month can be challenging. Hopefully this post th…