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WASET Conference is a FAKE

This post is intended for all researchers that want or thinking of attending the Montreal 2014 Conference organized by WASET (that is theoretically supposed to occur at theRitz-Carlton Montrealhotel) AND to all who wish to attend future conferences held by WASET, please read below:
I submitted my abstract February 7 2014 and selected the option to have an oral presentation rather than a poster. March 6 I receive an email informing me that my paper was accepted (although they did not properly copy and paste the title of my paper) anyway, you can check the official acceptance paper.

Since the topic of my paper is on wind turbine blade optimization, I believed that by the name of the chosen conference ICSREE 2014: International Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering, researchers in this domain from around the world will be gathered with interesting papers and presentations.... Well, judge yourself, take a look at the Conference Program.  In fact, what I noticed that the…